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      Appellee's Brief Compliance Checklist     

  Original and four (4) copies of brief
  Pages consecutively numbered R. 2-12.2
  Double spaced except as noted R. 2-12.2
  Exceed page limit (If so, Motion for Leave Needed - $25.00 Fee); R. 2-12.2(1)
  (a) Roman or Times New Roman 14 pt. or larger computer font, normal spacing; or (b) no more than 10 characters per typewriter print. (31 pages on 8½ X 14) (41 pages on 8½ X 11) R. 2-12.2(2)
  Title of the court to which it is directed R. 2-12.3(a)
  Docket number of the case in the court R. 2-12.3(b)
  Title of the case as it appears on the docket R. 2-12.3(c)
  Name of title of the court and the parish from which the case came R. 2-12.3(d)
  Name of judge who rendered judgment or ruling complained of R. 2-12.3(e)
  Statement: on appeal or in response to a writ R. 2-12.3(f)
  Identification of party and party's status before the court R. 2-12.3(g)
  Original, reply, or supplemental brief R. 2-12.3(h)
  Name of counsel, address and phone number R. 2-12.3(i)
  Civil, criminal, juvenile, or special proceeding R. 2-12.3(j)
  Action of the Trial Court R. 2-12.5
  Certificate of Service R. 2-14.2
  Copies of decisions from other states R. 2-12.4

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