Welcome to Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal

      Personnel Directory                 


Ulysses Gene Thibodeaux, Chief Judge (337) 433-9403
Sylvia R. Cooks(337) 235-2196
John D. Saunders (337) 363-5629
Marc T. Amy (337) 898-1222
Elizabeth A. Pickett(318) 256-4180
Billy H. Ezell (337) 433-9403
Shannon J. Gremillion(318) 487-0141
Phyllis M. Keaty(337) 269-9686
John E. Conery(337) 369-3540
D. Kent Savoie (337) 433-9403
Van H. Kyzar(318) 238-6350
Candyce Perret(337) 236-6133

Key Personnel

Kelly McNeely, Clerk of Court : Post Office Box 16577 Lake Charles, LA 70616;   (337) 433-9403  
RenĂ©e R. Simien, Central Staff Director  
Sandi Broussard, Assistant Director - Criminal  
Peter Stevens, Assistant Director - Civil  
Viki Robles, Business Services Manager  
Dianne Tyne, Administrative General Counsel  
Debbie Stevens, Supervisor Clerks Office  
David Nolan, IT Director